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From codecode to paperpaper


All my creative code projects are made in Java using Processing and a library that I maintain to manage and speed up the creative process. Most of the visuals get created using simple geometric algorithms chained together to create an interesting organic result. If this is something you are interested in learning about, check out The Coding Train.


I use an AxiDraw A3 plotter by Evil Mad Scientist these machines, while pricy are gorgeously precise and speedy. If you want to dabble in plotting yourself but don’t want to spend the chunk of change, I suggest building yourself a 4xidraw.


At the end of the line the plotter transfers the code generated sketch to paper using any soft of traditional pen, brush, or other medium. My favorite pens are r0tring isographs, they have a metal tip, which makes them last a lifetime, they are also refillable. For paper I like something with a heavy grain texture, but I experiment with all sorts.


To give your plot the maximum chance of survival against rowdy postpeople, they are protected by:

  • Acid free silk paper
  • Waterproof plastic bag
  • Hardwood 5mm spine against bending
  • 4 Layer cardboard book pack

This method has proven itself in protecting shipped plots, with loads of scot free deliveries all over our gorgeous globe.


I ship once a week (usually friday) using UPS, DPD or BPost. Shipping to EU zone, UK, US, Canada is free, everywhere else in the world has a flat rate of 19€. After I ship you will receive a tracking code in the mail after which it will take between 2-12 days to receive your order.

Quality // Returns

Due to the nature of the medium, small ink bleeding, and paper fraying can happen. This is part of the charm of the process, if you want a pristine result I would suggest buying a printed poster instead. 

If for any reason you are not happy with the piece or it was damaged, I will do my best to get a pristine new sketch or a refund your way.

The easiest way to get a hold of me is to DM me on Instagram.

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